Top Quality, Sustainability, and Labor Ethics;
have never been optional at MTR.
All out products are created with this core value in mind.

Our goal is in the development of high quality classic fabrics while researching newer and more innovative collections in order to respond to the requests of the various markets where the company’s commercial network is located.

MTR has been steadily growing with our own distinctive viewpoint—

Highly individual, Subtle, Immensely wearable, and Italian-made.

We remain true to our belief, while moving with the turn of fashion’s wheel each season. Today we serve customers around the world and we are still 100% founder-owned, family company. We want to bring the best products of the highest quality to our customers. The history of our company is interwoven with the constant search for the rare and luxurious. MTR explores breeding farms around the world each year to select the most precious fibres and produce exceptional fabrics. All of our fabrics are ethically sourced from different parts of the world like Mongolia, South America, South Africa, Austrailia, and New Zealand.

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